Share Great Education Ideas And Best Practices At BBWorld

Be sure and check out our sessions at BbWorld 2016 this week for the most up-to-date ideas on how real-time labor data can be used in career guidance and education planning.

  • The “Driving Persistence by Empowering Students with Career Insights” panel will feature CEO Matt Sigelman along with Mike Marriner, co-founder of Roadtrip Nation, and Brook Bock, Blackboard’s vice president of mobile. That will be at 2:20 pm Wednesday in Bellini 2001B.
  • How can higher education cope with the new trend of “hybrid jobs,” occupations that mix and match skills from different fields? Sigelman will talk about “A Hybrid Education for Hybrid Jobs” at 1:30 pm Thursday, also in Bellini 2001B.
  • We’ll be presenting 15-minute case studies on how institutions like Georgetown, UMBC, and Rasmussen have used real-time insights from labor data. All of the sessions will be held at Booth 4428:
    • How UMBC reinvigorates under-enrolled programs, 1 pm Wednesday and Thursday
    • How Rasmussen builds job market-aligned programs, 2 pm Wednesday and Thursday
    • How Georgetown markets the career value of its programs, 3 pm Wednesday and Thursday

At each of the case study sessions you’ll be able to enter to win a Fitbit Flex, and at the panel discussion and hybrid jobs presentations there will be a chance to win an Apple Watch.

We’re also proud to be a partner with Blackboard in its new BB Planner mobile student planning tool, where we will be providing real-time labor data integrated into the product. You can find out more at our booth. We hope to see you in Las Vegas!