It is evident in our day to day lives that coding skills and computer science have become necessary in the growing job market. The government is aware of the need to encourage students to learn these skills and become the future of workers, but the schools need more funding. Computer science skills hold the keys to economic opportunity for students.

Coding skills are a staple of half of all occupations in the top earning quartile, jobs with salaries of $75,000 and over. That means that computer science skills, which include coding, are increasingly a prerequisite for a chance at a middle class life in the 21st century. Yet, remarkably, only 40 percent of K-12 schools offer any classes that include coding… Research from Burning Glass Technologies demonstrates that 2.6 million job postings over the last year call for some coding skills. These openings include 33,000 jobs in sales, 18,000 jobs for human resources specialists, 18,000 jobs for financial analysts, 17,000 jobs for marketing managers, and 11,000 for retail managers.

Unfortunately, the number of people entering the workforce with computer science background is low, even though the demand for computing skills is high. Other countries are prepping their students with such skills at an early age, and even in the US certain states and school districts are aggressively incorporating computer science.  Read more >>