Burning Glass data allows for better understanding of labor market trends. By analyzing hundreds of millions of job postings and resumes, these patterns are clear and can lead to important discoveries. One important employment shift that is apparent now is the transition from occupations that require mid-level skills to those at the other ends of the spectrum. These higher-end skills require more specialized disciplines, like analytical thinking.

In recent research we investigate how the demand for skills changed over the Great Recession (2007-09). Using nearly all electronically posted job vacancies in 2007 and 2010–2015 collected by the analytics company Burning Glass Technologies, as well as geographic differences in economic conditions, we establish a new fact: the skill requirements of job ads increased in metro areas that suffered larger employment shocks in the Great Recession, relative to the same areas before the shock and to other areas that experienced smaller shocks.

In a growing technological world, keeping up with these changes is essential. The U.S. economy has seen change, and job seekers must learn what demand companies now need. Because of the Great Recession, new skills are required to adapt to these employment shifts. Read More >>