Dice: UX and UI Designers: Skills You Need for a Good Career | Burning Glass Technologies

“As you can imagine, good UI and UX designers have a lot of skills and experience. According to Burning Glass, some 88.9 percent of folks in these disciplines have a bachelor’s degree. But which skills do they specifically need?

Burning Glass, which analyzes millions of job postings across the county, does a great job of breaking down skills into discrete categories:

Distinguishing skills (are advanced skills that truly differentiate candidates applying for various roles. As you might expect, there’s a lot of education and training necessary to master these.

Defining skills are the skills needed for day-to-day tasks in many roles.

Necessary skills are the lowest barrier to entry; they are also skills that are often found in other professions, providing a springboard for people to launch into a career in UI/UX.”

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