Burning Glass Data Powers Labor Portals in London, New South Wales | Burning Glass Technologies

Real-time job data offers a unique insight into the job market, and this week two governments on opposite sides of the globe are making that insight freely available to the public.

Burning Glass data is behind new data portals run by the Greater London Authority and the New South Wales Department of Industry. In both cases, the data is used in conjunction with government statistics to give a more detailed view of trends in the labor market.

For example, the London data offers quarterly data on occupations, job hours, job types, skills, and advertised salaries. “We believe that we can achieve a significant public good by making the data widely and freely available, particularly since there are currently no official statistics on job vacancies available for London, or information on the skills that employers are seeking from new recruits,” the Greater London Authority said.

In our data products, this kind of information can be viewed on a daily basis, and on even more granular levels. The Greater London Authority is making the information available on a limited pilot basis until the end of June 2017. For more on the data available and how it can be used, see the Greater London Authority website.

In Australia, the New South Wales Skills Portal uses both Burning Glass data and government data to allow tracking of trends in occupations and skills, and to put that data in the context of the broader economy. The data examines trends for the past two years.

Portals like this allow employers, job seekers, government officials and researchers to better understand the trends in the job market. This is only the beginning in terms of how real-time job data can empower faster, more effective responses to the constant changes in the job market. In fact there are many examples of governments, colleges, and businesses using real-time data to reach their goals. For more detail on these projects, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Scott Bittle is Communications Director at Burning Glass Technologies.