Matthew Sigelman, CEO of Burning Glass Technologies, shares his expertise and the companies vast understanding of the job market. “New Skills Marketplace” is looking to inform today’s workers of the rapid changes and future of work. Matthew digs into the importance of evolving skills and the profound discoveries by Burning Glass including of what they call Hybrid Jobs. Read more >>

In this episode of the “New Skills Marketplace” podcast, Andy Smarick (AEI) and John Bailey (AEI) sit down with Matthew Sigelman from Burning Glass Technologies.

Matthew begins by explaining Burning Glass’s role in tracking the job market [2:57]. Next, he identifies a need for training programs which are more responsive to changes in skills demand [9:24]. From there, Matthew gives his take on the effect that automation will have on the job market [17:17]. Matthew then shifts to an analysis of nontraditional skills providers [21:03]. Finally, Andy and John reflect on their discussion with Matthew [30:16].