Validate Your Programs with Alumni Analysis | Burning Glass Technologies

Alumni Analysis, a new premium add-on dashboard available for Labor Insight™, provides detailed insight into how a school’s graduates succeed, providing an overview of alumni career outcomes that can validate your current programs.

This premium Labor Insight™ dashboard gathers information from current social profiles to provide a granular look into career pathways and occupations of graduates.

With Alumni Analysis, your institution can:

  • Demonstrate the value of your programs to prospective students by showcasing how alumni succeed in their careers. That allows you to create targeted marketing campaigns to attract prospective first-year students and alumni for further education.
  • Develop new programs and improve existing programs by determining if graduates are landing jobs in their field of study, where they were hired, and what additional education they pursed.
  • Strengthen career services by establishing relationships with the specific employers who have already hired your graduates, as well as partner with industries to offer internships and other opportunities for current and prospective students.

We are hosting an Alumni Analysis webinar series to discuss the valuable insights this tool provides. You can access the schedule here.

If you’re interested in learning more about Alumni Analysis for Labor Insight™, request a demo today.