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Coverage of Burning Glass in the media

The Hechinger Report: Are apprenticeships the new on-ramp to good jobs?

…demand for jobs requiring bachelor’s degrees is rising at twice the rate of those requiring only high school diplomas, there’s a growing sense…that baccalaureates aren’t necessarily the best way for students to gather meaningful job skills and experience.“It’s a very expensive and inefficient proxy,” said Matthew Sigelman, chief executive of Burning Glass Technologies, which analyzes labor market trends. “It means employers pay more for talent and take longer to fill jobs.”

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New York Times: With Changing Students and Times, Colleges Are Going Back to School

No longer is a college degree the crucible it once was … This shows the self-referential style of higher education driven by faculty with Ph.D.s is waning, said Mark Schneider, a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute who wrote the study “Saving the Liberal Arts” with Matthew Sigelman, chief executive of Burning Glass Technologies.

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