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Coverage of Burning Glass in the media

The Wall Street Journal: Tech Companies Aren’t the Only Ones Competing for Tech Workers

The tech-job openings at companies in the Management Top 250 say a lot about how innovative these businesses are. This year’s Management Top 250—a ranking of the most effectively run companies based on the principles of the late management guru Peter Drucker—incorporates a new indicator to arrive at its management scorecard: data from labor-analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies.

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Ozy: The Networking Platform Bigger Than LinkedIn for College Students

More than 700 universities and 300,000 companies use Handshake, which has surpassed LinkedIn as the largest network for job-seeking college students in the U.S. (Garrett) Lord hasn’t lost sight of their mission: With 43 percent of new college graduates underemployed, according to a May report from Burning Glass Technologies, he created Handshake as a way to directly connect students with hundreds of thousands of employers, giving them access to opportunities they may never have had otherwise.

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Wall Street Journal: Amazon, Google Poised for Race to Hire High-Tech Talent

Amazon and Google are planning to recruit thousands of employees in New York City, pitting the two against one another and other businesses for already-scarce talent. The competition for talent will be stiff, but the two companies each have some distinct requirements that set them apart from other employers—and from each other, according to an analysis that labor-analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies conducted for the Journal.

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