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Kuwait Times: Demand for IT, computer science skills on the rise: Oracle exec

With the emergence and growth of new technologies like big data, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing, the demand for IT and computer science skills has consistently risen and will continue to rise for the foreseeable future globally, said Jane Richardson, Senior Director, Oracle Academy. Recent studies from Oracle Academy and Burning Glass Technologies found that in the US, roughly two-thirds of the highest-paying and fastest-growing jobs in the fields of design, marketing, engineering and data analysis demand computer science skills.

read more In-demand jobs go unfilled because workers lack skills: Team NEO report

Computer and IT workers in Northeast Ohio are in demand, and their jobs are at low risk of being automated, according to a report by Team NEO, in partnership with the Cleveland Foundation and with support by Sherwin-Williams. The report is based on analysis of Labor Department and other data, as well as Burning Glass Labor Insight, based on online job postings collected daily from more than 40,000 sources.

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Cryptoslate: Big Business Bullish on Crypto Careers

New jobs listed within the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector has increased dramatically…while crypto values may be slow to recover, the blockchain employment industry is powering ahead. Job data analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies refers to blockchain experience as a “disruptive skill,” emphasizing the extreme growth rate the blockchain job industry has experienced over recent years.

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Computing: Reorienting your workforce in the age of AI

Rapid advances in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have far-reaching implications for the enterprise, its employees, human resources leaders – and the C-suite in general. Genpact, in collaboration with Boston-based jobs analytics company Burning Glass Technologies used AI techniques in a pilot study to examine a broad cross-section of career profiles.

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