PRISM™ Recruitment Workflow

Solutions to manage the hiring process and identify talent

Managing Resumes and Recruitment Workflow

As a recruiter or HR manager, you might have tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of resumes in your database. But are they of any use? Can you search them effectively? Is the database cluttered with duplicates?

PRISM™ makes your resume database useful. Our technology, based on Big Data analysis of millions of real-life career transitions, allows you to find the right fit faster by making sense of the resumes that come in.

PRISM helps HR staff and recruiters manage resume workflow, sorting through applications more effectively to find the best matches. As PRISM processes resumes, it checks quality, removes duplicates, extracts key data elements, and sends thank- you emails. The system enables searching and reporting on candidate records, and reduces the staff time needed to handle those records.

Customize and Integrate

PRISM can be customized so that companies can set their own standards for acceptable resumes, and integrated with a wide range of other applications.

The Power of PRISM

Search Precisely

PRISM’s filters allow you to find the candidates whose qualifications are an exact fit for the requirements of a particular job, or you can develop specialized talent pools, easily slicing the database into niches.

Enhance Analytics

Use our high-quality analytics with your database to develop insight into your talent pool. Find patterns by understanding the strengths of candidates and the potential gaps you may need to fill.

Get Context

PRISM understands context: the difference between a budget analyst and a clerk at Budget Rent-a-Car. You don’t have to endlessly refine different keyword searches to get an accurate result.

Find Prospects

Identify the candidates in your talent pool who have the specialized skills employers need, and use that insight to cultivate potential customers and expand into new markets.

We have a 21st century economy. Why do we have a 20th century labor market?

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