Comprehensive career development solutions for governments and educational institutions

Accessible Career Solutions

Finding the right job—or finding the right person to fill a job—can be a struggle. The FOCUS™ suite offers a set of web-based, self-service career solutions for job seekers, employers, educators, and workforce staff. Developed by Burning Glass and using leading-edge artificial intelligence, our system uses exploration tools tailored to the individual, and “gets to know” each job seeker in finding the right next step. FOCUS provides highly-personalized job matches drawn from a real-time database of millions of live jobs across the Internet. Job seekers do not need to know the job market, the right keywords or how to articulate their transferable skills. FOCUS provides that knowledge, and with it, the power to succeed.

Trusted Technology

FOCUS is used by labor exchanges and job banks in 14 states, as well as by college and training institutions, who use it to provide career services to students. The suite includes:

  • FOCUS Career ™ matches people with jobs based on how a job seeker’s skills, qualifications, and experiences fit recognized patterns of placement as well as job requirements – not just keywords or occupation codes.
  • FOCUS Talent ™ lets employers post positions, find potential hires, and manage applicants.
  • FOCUS Assist™ helps state workforce caseworkers manage their clients by providing a full picture of their activity, allowing caseworkers to focus their energies where it can truly help.
  • FOCUS APIs allow our data services to be customized and integrated into a host of other platforms.

Built Into Bb Planner

We’re proud to be partnered with Blackboard on Bb Planner, a mobile application designed to make career and course planning simpler for college students. FOCUS provides rich labor market information in easy to use formats to allow students to make informed course and career decisions.

We have a 21st century economy. Why do we have a 20th century labor market?

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