“We moved candidates into our system much faster, with more accurate and consistent data, and it paid for itself within six weeks.”

Recruitment companies and employers spend huge sums advertising for resumes but these investments are hard to justify if resumes never make it into your database or aren’t easy to find once they are there. Burning Glass solutions leverage artificial intelligence to read and understand resumes and learn from real life patterns of placement, deploying the industry’s best parsing technology to render your resume database more useable and your recruitment brand more valuable.

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67% of New York UI claimants report receiving job matches they had not found anywhere else.

In partnership with the New York State Department of Labor, Burning Glass runs a mandatory program matching work-ready claimants to relevant jobs based on their unique portfolio of experiences and skills as well as their career paths. Having a resume is the only prerequisite and Burning Glass helps with that too, with an innovative tool that builds resumes in a matter of minutes without requiring users to write.

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Job matching and training referral built around what employers are demanding today.

By bringing together detailed data on the specific skills and certifications in demand locally with an in-depth analysis of each job seeker’s skills, experiences, qualifications, and career path, Burning Glass delivers gap analysis tools that highlight the training needed for successful placement – for each job seeker and across the workforce.

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Moving the Goalposts: How Demand for a Bachelor’s Degree Is Reshaping the Workforce

A bachelor’s degree has increasingly become the minimum ticket to ride for a wide range of middle-skill, middle-class jobs. Burning Glass analysis finds the gap between employers’ demand for B.A. degrees and the credentials of current workers can amount to 30 percentage points or more in many occupations, threatening to close many job seekers out of careers.

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White House Ready to Work Initiative

Burning Glass is proud to have contributed analyses to the Vice President’s report on how to close the skills gap and will support a coalition of employers and other partners with data and analytics about how lower-wage workers can progress from job to job, highlighting the specific skills they need to take the next step along their career pathway.

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"The Sheepskin Effect"

The Wall Street Journal draws on Burning Glass data for its story, "A Bit of College Can Be Worse Than None at All." Read the full story.



Moving the Goalposts

Our new research report on the rising demand for a bachelor's degree was covered in outlets ranging from the Washington Post and U.S. News and World Report to Vox and FiveThirtyEight. See a summary of the coverage In the News, and get a copy of the report in our research section.